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Difiere can help you build a strategic plan to increase your sales.

Why? Our team has 15 years experience in the world of ceramics, particularly in the field of new products, marketing, business and design. We analyse tendencies,

materials and colours, and interpret them, turning them into successful ceramics series.



Facing a big change in your outlook. If your company is not getting its desired results, it is time to take the necessary steps to adapt to the new changes and to a

new working method.


Be open to change, give your business a new opportunity. We will support you in building a new reality.

Analysis and research:

We analyse your business needs and study the potential gaps that may exist in your catalogue. We listen to the market: the style, design and novelties required by

the markets where you do business as well as needs of those new markets that your company will access during this new stage.

We propose: New designs adapted to your technology.

We Manage: Our/your proposals with the best suppliers to ensure optimum and profitable results. Our value to you:

We develop simple, visual and commercially effective tools that defend and position your products at their point of sale, always prioritising short term return on your investment.



We are conscious of the new stage and so we have developed these proposals to work together in a way that does not involve costs, but offers savings and opportunities.

Working with external professional businesses provides tangible short term profits as well as added value, which are hard to find from within the company.