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Blanco, el color que no pasa de moda

El blanco signo de luz, amplitud, limpieza y sencillez...

El color blanco es el que mayor sensibilidad posee frente a la luz. Es la suma de todos los colores y el símbolo de lo absoluto, por eso, en Difiere hemos querido inaugurar este blog con el color más puro, que acompaña también a la estación de invierno, y porque a partir de ahora, cada vez que nos visites te podamos aportar nuevas ideas con cada uno del los colores que forman el color Blanco.
En nuestro departamento de diseño gráfico, utilizamos el blanco como fondo universal de la comunicación gráfica. El blanco siempre realza del color compañero que utilicemos en cada propuesta. En interiorismo y decoración el blanco siempre ofrece amplitud y en los diseños cerámicos que aportamos, el blanco ahora se puede aplicar con tecnología digital de forma que podamos crear diseños actuales y versátiles.
White, the color of timeless

From birth, the target is with us in all our lives. This color goes with everything and can combine with black, purple, orange, pink ... with all those colors that we encounter. With elegant white always go with a hippy look something that takes us back to the 60s.

Ons come in the form of white handkerchiefs or scarves, hats and handbags. And the dresses, as are adorned with colored belts and borders.

The shorts in this color offer sailor look especially if we mix with navy and our dancers to play. The white makeup gives us clean air and angelic. It can serve as a basis for the face and apply later, pink or orange. It is perfect for blending colors somewhat stronger, conceal facial imperfections and to dye the nails, which are stylish with this color.

The foot white dress any look. From sandals to dancers through platform shoes if combined with another item of this color, but can "sing" a bit.

The white stands for purity, relaxation and wellness. But so is of elegance and is synonymous with classic and modern at once, because it knows no seasons, fads, or time. This color is repeated the passing years. It is best to always be mixed with a sophisticated black to go with a pink Inteso to express glamor or brown in the fall. Within bags, choose the leather, ultra-chic, embellished with stitching, tassels and metal ornaments.

Always elegant, with a touch of class, dresses white or beige tones show your face sweeter.

The coats, cardigans, sweaters or coats look more white. Choose a long belted cardigan, long sleeves, pearl buttons and contrasting, ideal for any occasion. The trench looks more attractive, a piece that goes with everything and you can plant if you do something cool with a coat and for the spring season. You'll see a lot next season privamera / summer.

For the feet, we have dancers, leather pumps and boots in white or beige tone. We like the dancers in white nappa leather, with elastic to fit the foot, is the extent. Designed to withstand the most severe temperatures, casually lace and decorative stitching.